A Non Logical Exercise?

We've all walked into a gym or training facility and seen some pretty scary stuff going on right?  I mean, some of the exercises out there look like they've been invented on the spot or just copied from a magazine with very poor form.   There are some exercises that we question but most have there place.  Its just a case of why you might be doing the exercise and for what outcome? Donal has ... Read more
Donal Carr & NBL Adelaide 36ers

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to take my son Josh down to Adelaide to experience a few days in the life of an NBL player. [caption id="attachment_7269" align="alignright" width="292"] Donal Carr talks corrective alignment and function with 36ers' Captain Mitch Creek[/caption] Adam Murphy, strength conditioning coach to the Adelaide 36ers is an old mate of mine...having met him in ... Read more
Back Pain-A Bitch or Blessing?


90% of the population will suffer back pain at some stage in their life. Its quite staggering how many people suffer from back pain and/or back injury, which can present in many forms, and spend majority of time in pain, not seeing anyone about it, or just dealing with it and consuming a lot of pain killers.  Maybe you're one of these sufferers. The body is NOT supposed to be in pain. The b ... Read more
Wake Up Wellness Retreat Testimonial 1

We, both Donal and Cathy, are grateful for the feedback we've received from our wellness retreat guests. Thank you to Jean and Scott for putting this video testimonial together for us from our "Wake Up" Wellness Retreat at Wybalena Organic farm May 2017.
The Teenage Years – Managing Independent Minds!

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As a parent of teenage sons, I can honestly say its like learning to be a parent all over again. A ripe and tender age where teenagers start to test the boundaries a little more & may be more open to voice their own opinion & ideas. It can be a very trying time for both parents & teenagers alike. They are under a lot of peer pressure & heavily influenced by what their friends ar ... Read more
Nutrition as your child grows

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As your child grows older, they explore food & decide their likes & dislikes, it's a time to tantalise their tastebuds & introduce them to as broad a variety of foods as possible. Too many children (and adults as we are to blame) have very little variety in their diet. We recommend & live on a four day rotation diet, rotating all food groups to ensure that our digestive systems ha ... Read more
Nourishing Babies & Toddlers

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The first 12 months of life are a crucial time for building sound foundations upon which to grow. Infant nutrition is essential to ensure proper physical & mental development, build a strong immune system, preventing illness & also develop good gut health. We all know & hear continually that breast milk is best for baby but here are a few of the facts to back up that statement: * ... Read more
Private Training with Donal Carr By Christine Winwick

Last year I was feeling ok, but not great…I had been managing adrenal fatigue symptoms (exhaustion, mental ups and downs, disturbed sleep, hormonal swings, digestive complaints…and the impacts these had on my lifestyle) for about 10 years, and had reached another plateau that seemed like an ok way to live whilst having a chronic condition. I studied to become a Health Coach and taken on what I ... Read more