Chocolate Cookies

I can’t take the credit for these little delights!  Our dear friend, Amaali Nixon, shared this recipe with us after making these for afternoon tea at her wedding.  They are so yummy it’s hard to stop at just one!  They are such a treat and our sons love them!

All ingredients are certified organic.  These cookies do contain sugar, but free from refined sugar.   You can omit if you like.

All ingredients are certified organic.


  • Process 250g of activated almonds.       (Add a little water if too pasty)
  • Add 70gm of raw cashews
  • 140gm of medjool dates (pitted)
  • A butter like consistency will form and it will be sticky

Then add:

  • 40gm of coconut sugar (we use a little less)
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 25gm cacao powder
  • 1/6 cup maple syrup
  • 100gm raw cacao loving earth dark chocolate

Preheat oven to 160 degrees fan forced.  Once ingredients are mixed well, cool in friedge for 10mins.

Roll heaped spoon into balls, slightly flatten and place on lined baking tray.

Bake for 12-15 minutes., pending on how gooey you want them.  Makes about 20.


Coconut Pancakes

Makes about 6 pancakes (I always have to make double in my house!)panakes

3 Eggs (organic preferred)
3 Tablespoons Butter (preferable raw butter and from grass-fed cows) or coconut oil, melted (plus extra butter oil for cooking the pancakes)
3 Tablespoons Coconut Milk or Whole Milk (preferably raw and organic)
1 ½ Teaspoons Rapadura (you can substitute with raw honey or maple syrup)
¼ Teaspoon Sea Salt
3 Tablespoons Coconut Flour
½ Teaspoon Baking Powder

Using a wire whisk, mix together eggs, melted butter, milk, rapadura and sea salt. Continuing to whisk, add the baking powder and coconut flour until thoroughly mixed. Heat 1 tablespoon of butter (or coconut oil) in a skillet on a medium flame. Spoon 2-3 tablespoons of batter onto skillet making pancakes about 3-4 inches in diameter.

Serve with lots of raw butter & real organic maple syrup. Add fresh berries if you desire or biodynamic or raw yoghurt.

If you want to make something extra yummy, you can add mashed pumpkin in to the dough with garam masala or cinnamon. Delicious!

Donal’s Organic Pate

Make a couple & put in the freezer! Donal usually uses organic chicken stock so that the mixture binds well with the fat from the chicken but you can do it without the stock. Both are fantastic!

Packet of Organic Chicken Livers (I used a 450g pack) it makes 2 batches!
Finely Chopped Fresh Parsley (handful)garlic
Diced Capsicum (1/4 cup)
2 -3 Cloves of Garlic
Diced Large Onion
Mixed Herbs 1 Tablespoon (Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon)
Cracked Black Pepper
Natural Sea salt
1/2 Block of Butter
Whole Black Peppercorns & Bay Leaves for decoration

In a stainless steel pan (not a non stick one) add 2 tablespoons of the butter & sauté the garlic, capsicum, onions and seasonings. When the onions are transparent, add chicken livers & turn until cooked (they will turn from a rich burgundy colour to brown). Add fresh parsley & allow to cool.

Once cool, add the chicken livers from the pan & all the juices into a food processor. Process until smooth. Pour into a large bowl or a few smaller bowls. With the remaining butter add to a pan & heat until the milk solids disappear. This is like making clarified butter unofficially. Pour over the paté & before it sets decorate with bay leaves & black peppercorns.

All ingredients are sourced from organic wholefood produce. No preservatives, colours, flavourings or white devils!

Homemade Nut Butter Chocolate with Coconut Rough, Berry Ice & Organic Cream

Nut Butter Chocolate:

100 g raw cacao butter
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
1 tablespoon nut butter (I used “Lilli” organic macadamia & pistachio nut butter I bought from the markets – it has that OMG factor!)
pinch of celtic sea salt
Honey to taste

Melt the cacao butter & coconut oil in a bowl over simmering water. Don’t melt directly into a saucepan. Add the remaining ingredients and stir. Add honey to suit your taste. Pour chocolate into chocolate moulds or small cake/muffin cases and place in freezer to set.

Coconut Rough:

2 cups desiccated coconut
1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao powder
10 medjool dates, seeds removed
2 tablespoons coconut cream

Place all of the ingredients into a blender or food processor. Blend until well combined, this may take a little while. Press the mixture into a loaf tin lined with baking paper, place the mixture into the freezer to set.

Berry Ice:

1/2 pack of frozen organic berries
1/2 teaspoon or pinch of vanilla bean powder
2 dates (seeded)
Blend together & present on the side of the coconut rough and chocolate

Option is to serve up a dollop of organic raw cream (for those who aren’t dairy intolerant).

Chindii Biscuits by Pete Evans

As we all know baking with your kids can be a messy business but by inviting kids into the oat biscuitskitchen to help you cook can be a great way to create quality together time, help your child learn some basic skills & also a great opportunity to talk about good nutrition. Even older kids might be intrigued by how baked goods & meals come together.


1 cup sesame seeds or mixed seeds
1 cup desiccated coconut
1 cup macadamias
1/2 cup quinoa flakes or coconut flakes
1/4 cup coconut flour
5 heaped Tablespoons extra virgin coconut oil
2 organic free range eggs
5 Tablespoons pure maple syrup
4 Tablespoons raw honey
1/2 cup sultanas or raisins (or any dried fruit) optional
1 teaspoon vanilla powder or vanilla extract
2 teaspoons bicarb soda
pinch of himalayan or sea salt
extra coconut oil for greasing the tray


Turn oven onto 140 Degs.
Grease a baking tray with coconut oil.
Combine coconut, macadamias, quinoa flakes, rice flour, raisins/sultanas, bicarb & salt in a food processor. Pour the dry mix into a bowl, add sesame seeds & set aside. Melt coconut oil over low heat in a saucepan, then add maple syrup, honey & vanilla, combine & set aside. Whisk the eggs & pour into the dry mix, then pour in the coconut oil mix & stir well.
Shape the mixture into balls & press flat onto the baking tray. Make sure you leave space in between the cookies as they will expand.
Bake at 140 Deg for 30-40 minutes or until they’re golden.
Allow to cool before eating and store in an airtight container.Tips – if the mixture seems too wet just add some more desiccated coconut or some chia seeds & if it’s too dry add some more coconut oil & a little water.

Coconut Berry Smoothie

Add to a Blender:
The water & meat of into blender
1 Organic egg
Frozen mixed organic berries/strawberries/raspberries
Great Lakes Gelatin
1/2 Banana
& Mix – lovely snack for mid morning or afternoon tea & a much healthier option for you & your kids!