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As a Personal Trainer for 23 years now, I have always been open to new ideas and products and as a C.H.E.K. Practitioner and Faculty Member, I have looked at a holistic approach which means, all parts coming together as ONE. The CHI3 Strength Straps encompass strength training, power training, endurance training, flexibility work, injury rehab and injury prevention utilising just your own body weight, which is what a sports athlete, member of the military, manual worker or marital arts person has to move, control and work with all day. The CHI3 is named due to its 3-fold, holistic training functionality focusing on STRENGTH , FLEXIBILITY & WELLNESS.







Why the CHI3 Strength Straps has 2 anchor points?

“Well, that’s easy with two anchor points it allows more variety than other products on the market. CHI3 allows you to do everything that a one anchor system allows but also gives you the variety and options for so much more“. Donal.

Like all good ideas around the world, I wasn’t the only person coming up with this idea. However, I decided not to vary from the original design of the roman rings (1847) and use two anchor points instead of one, like other suspension systems with two handles on one attachment point.

This has proven to be an important development point in our product and has kept the line of force and the shoulder mechanics under less stress than some other products that use just one anchor point. The CHI3 Strength Straps use handles instead of roman rings and also have foot straps to allow a wide variety of grip strategies and anchor points for various lower body exercises. There is probably nothing more functional than to move one owns body weight. The CHI3 Strength Straps allow us to use our own bodyweight or a percentage of it, to do mostly closed chain exercises for the upper and lower body, which is what a member of the military would need to pull themselves up a rope or climb over an object.

The CHI3 is lightweight and portable,which makes it ideal for the mobile trainer, home gym or commercial environment. The CHI3 can deliver results that bulky and heavy equipment offer without the high cost and maintenance issues. Because of its portability it can be thrown in a bag and taken anywhere you choose to train.

One of the most commonly asked questions:

What can you do on the CHI3 Strength Straps that can’t be done on the TRX?

Well, everything you can do on the TRX can be replicated and done on the CHI3, however these are both great suspension training tools and I would recommend using suspension training in some part of your program. The only difference is how the CHI3 Straps are anchored and the versatility to split the straps so that you have two attachment points, this is a slight difference to the TRX suspension training system. Let me give you a few examples of some of the popular exercises we do using suspension training.

  • CHIN UPS : You can set the handles at different widths apart for more variety and strength options. This does not compromise the line of pull on the shoulder joint and allows you to work the muscle from all angles. Other suspension training systems don’t allow you to set different handle widths. When using only one anchor point when doing a full body weight chin up, your arms are pulled back to their one point in the hang position, hands side by side. This can cause over protraction of the shoulder blades and impingement. With the CHI3 you can adjust the width of the handles to the width and body size of the individual that is working on the unit.
  • PULL UPS: Same as above but even more detrimental to the shoulder with more wear and tear on the joint. This is because the pull up has the joint in an internally rotated position, so can lead to more injuries in a new or weaker client. Therefore it is vital that we can adjust the biomechanics of the suspension training to suit the exerciser.
  • PUSH UPS: On suspension training systems that have one anchor point, you must keep your arm abducted to keep the handles running in line with the shoulders. This is fine if you have someone who is strong in the shoulder retractors and shoulder depressors, which is NOT the norm out there. In my 23 years of working in 4 different continents around the world, this is one of the most common complaints with new clients. CHI3 Straps again can be set up to line up with the shoulder width of the client. This will allow a good line of force to go through the joint and not act on the joint. If you do not line up with the joint, the exerciser will have to work on shoulder positioning and this will in turn not allow them to focus on getting stronger in the movement, as the muscles work to stabilise the joint and not move the joint as they are suppose too! This will cause imbalances and long-term injuries! This is why the CHI3 can also accommodate different body types by setting the straps wider for bigger people, or closer for smaller people. This is also advantageous to make the exercise harder, WHEN THE CLIENT IS READY!
  • DIPS: This is the same as above and also does not cause rubbing of the strap against the upper arm like other suspension training systems do, which is a major complaint from clients working out on the TRX.

And the list goes on and on, as the CHI3 has two points of attachment you can do everything that the TRX can but the second attachment offers you so much more variety.

It’s like having one Dumbbell verses two Dumbbells. There’s more you can do with 2! You can train twice as many clients or team mates as you can with a TRX because you can split the CHI3 Straps so an individual can have one strap each!

Why use?

As a high level C.H.E.K. Practitioner and Faculty Member that has been teaching these high end qualifications to PT’s around the world for over 15 years, I have gained an understanding and in depth knowledge of the human body and how it works. In my career as a Strength Coach, Personal Trainer and CHEK Practitioner, I have developed many workshops for educating fitness professionals. I have brought together this experience and knowledge to develop a CHI3 8hr Level One Course with the help of a good friend of mine, Alani Mala, who has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years also. He has been a Les Mills’ Master Trainer and a Personal Training and Group Fitness Presenter. This One Day Course educates the customer, whether you are a fitness professional, military instructor or home user how to screen themselves or clients, learn how to assess, correct posture and then create a functional strength program that will achieve the goals of the individual. If you are interested in this Course, please check out the link below.

Alani Mala and myself have also created a Master Training Program that an Instructor can progress on to after completing the 8hr Course. The Master Training Program will teach them how to pass on this information, knowledge and wisdom to other Instructors within their establishment, so they can run their own workshops.

What’s the big difference from the TRX?

One of the key points in our training is to understand the line of force and the biomechanics of the shoulder joint.(“Bio mechanics- life mechanics-The study of the mechanics of a 3D living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure.” ) It is essential that when prescribing exercises in a program that you understand all the variables. Joint mechanics, ground force reaction, gravity and momentum are some of the basic things that we start off with. When we have achieved an understanding of the clients goals and their level of fitness, we can then go about solving the problem and achieving their goals.

All fitness equipment have benefits, if you know how to use them!
The CHI3 Strength Straps are easy to set up, adjust and use. Disassembling is just as simple and they are portable too. The most common feedback we get from PT’s that have used the TRX and other suspension training units, is that our CHI3 ‘s are easier to adjust and quicker for changing position with clients. Changing the length of each strap faster, means less time is wasted and it is easier to control large numbers in a group or team set up.

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