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donal carr consultancy

Donal Carr Consultancy Pty Ltd consults from Place of CHI and is known for his passion & astounding knowledge of the human body, its function and how you can bring it back to its natural state.


  • CHEK Faculty Member
  • CHEK Practitioner Level 4
  • HLC Level 3
  • NSCA Personal Trainer
  • Presenter, Lecturer, Mentor to fitness professionals worldwide
  • Director of Donal Carr Consultancy Pty Ltd & Place of CHI

Donal - Rehab clientDonal has been in the Fitness Industry for 23 years and has trained, coached and lectured to thousands.

Donal primarily runs internships, mentoring programs, lectures, workshops and seminars for personal trainers and other fitness professionals and health practitioners in all parts of Australia and around the globe.

Donal also provides lectures, workshops, seminars, retreats on all things Health, Wellness and Fitness for the corporate market and community.

Since meeting Donal in June 2013, I have grown as an athlete and trainer. I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable, caring people in the fitness and health industries. His training programs have made an enormous physical impact and have positively changed the way I view training and lifestyle. It has prepared me better for the golf course and educated me at the same time about how to look after my body. The enjoyment, satisfaction and rewards I get from Donals’ programs are second to none. I love the functional training component that Donal relates to an individual’s needs in either sport or lifestyle. I look forward to further training with Donal so I can keep getting better.

ken druce Ken Druce – PGA Golf Professional,Teaching Professional at Royal Sydney Golf Club, Tournament Player, CHEK Golf Biomechanic Specialist, TPI Certified Personal Trainer

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