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Simple Tai Chi practice

If there is one way to calm the nervous system, Tai Chi has to be one of the best practices that will do just that.

Moving with the breath without raising a sweat or increasing the heart rate can also cultivate energy or “chi”.

We recommend practicing out in nature with bare feet and wearing comfortable natural fabrics to enhance your energetic experience.

Here, Cathy goes through a few of her favourites with some of our clients at Mona Vale Beach.

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Lifestyle changes and reaching goals!

Amelia Gillies came to work with Cathy 12months ago, primarily for weight loss goals but was surprised by Cathy’s method of “training” and approach, considerations that need to be factored in and many other specifics of life choices that have an affect on weight loss and day to day things in general.

We are so pleased that you have been empowered to make the necessary changes and choices that have created more awareness of health and happiness – for life.  We wish you all the best in your adventures!

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Adelaide 36ers

The Wall Sit

The Wall Sit is an exercise we see in many group training classes, gyms, bootcamps etc and it is NOT an exercise that we do, teach or coach our clients to perform.  This is a very “old school” idea and method of training/conditioning.

Commonly used to build up the quadricep muscle group (the quads) – the thighs or for a rehabilitative exercise for around the knee joint.

Firstly, this sets you up in an incorrect squatting technique as we need the knees moving forward to squat effectively.    Secondly,  It becomes a quad dominant exercise which in turn can cause imbalances in the legs (quad vs hamstring) and back.  Being up against the wall, switches the stabilizing muscles off in the back, so therefore puts a sheering force load in the knee.

Why would you want to put wear and tear on the knee joint?

The wall sit also has very little transfer over for sports conditioning.  We recommend a normal squat (without the wall), deadlifts and lunges to work your legs.  Do not do the Wall Sit!






Foam Rolling The Correct Way
Published on : May 18, 2016

The foam roller is a useful tool to help stretch fascia and tight muscles however how you use the foam roller is essential to avoid breaking down tissues in the body. Donal Carr educates us on the importance of how to foam roll. Donal is an advanced personal trainer, CHEK Faculty and CHEK Practitioner on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Viloma Pranayama with Cathy
Published on : Jun 4, 2014

Cathy Carr, Holistic Lifestyle & Movement Coach and Yoga Practitioner talks about Viloma Pranayama – a wonderful breathing practice to calm the nervous system and relieve stress!

Soy – What you may not know
Published on : Jun 15, 2014

Did you know that Soy is the 7th most allergenic foods to human beings? Why? Because of the way it is processed, most of it being genetically modified. Here, as part of our Weight Loss Seminar – the truth for lasting results, Donal Carr answers a question on Soy.

Part 2/5: The Abdominal Crunch – Essential tips
Published on : May 31, 2014

Donal Carr, Corrective Exercise, Back Care & Rehab specialist shows us THE essential tips on how to execute the abdominal crunch – an exercise used by millions!

Twist Workout 1
Published on : Jun 22, 2014

Heres a quick core workout with 4 exercises incorporating the twist pattern. Make sure you’ve been properly assessed by a qualified Chek Practitioner or Exercise Coach before attempting these exercises. Have fun!

Ski Fit Circuit
Published on : Jun 25, 2014

Here’s one of our circuit workouts that will prepare you for your ski holiday. Best to start training 4-6 weeks prior, otherwise it could mean you spend only a couple of hours on the hill on the first day – complaining about those aching muscles or even an injury for the remainder of your holiday.

Chi3 Strength Straps – “The Pike”
Published on : Jun 27, 2014

Here Cathy Carr, co-owner of Place of Chi demonstrates the Pike on the CHI3 Strength Straps. Chi3 Strength Straps (Donal Carr) is definitely the ultimate in suspension training. Great exercise for core stabilisers and Rectus Abdominis.

Published on : Jul 1, 2014

Here Donal Carr – Director of Place of Chi and Chek Practitioner – in his recent Weight Loss seminar shares a few factors on Fats. What kind of fats are essential for weight loss and overall health?

Thyroid & Hormonal Health Part 3
Published on : Jul 13, 2014

Thyroid & Hormonal Health concerns? Adrenal Fatigue? Back Pain? Stressed? Incontinence? Gluten & other food intolerances? How do you know if you have a food intolerance? Digestive issues? Mineral deficiency – Magnesium, Iodine, Selenium? Donal shares what tests you can do to identify or confirm your Thyroid problem and the importance of addressing the Hormonal Centres. Join our many clients to gain awareness and increase your health and vitality – We can help you! Holistic Lifestyle Coaching available via Skype!

Thryoid & Hormonal Health Part 2
Published on : Jul 13, 2014

Do you suffer from Hypothroidism? Adrenal Heath problems? Digestive Issues? Weight gain? Inflammation around the throat? High Cholesterol? IBS? Did you know the food in which you eat, may be the cause of your thyroid problem? Are you deficient in Selenium? What are Symptoms of an over active or under active Thyroid? Donal Carr – CHEK Faculty and Director of Place of Chi shares with us, some important and valuable information on causes and what you can do to help your issues.

Thyroid & Hormonal Health – Part 1
Published on : Jul 13, 2014

Hyperthyroidism? Hypothyroidism? Adrenal Fatigue? Inflammation of the throat? Thyroid dysfunctions? Fibromyalgia? Chronic Fatigue? Symptoms? Inflammation around the throat? weight gain? constipation? Hormone replacement treatments? Donal Carr – CHEK Faculty, C.H.E.K Practitioner and Director of Place of Chi presents 1/3 series on Thyroid & Hormonal Health from our seminar held at Organic Avenues. Essential proteins and fats are required for balancing out your hormonal profile. Health comes from your gut and other lifestyle factors that can be identified and healed – naturally.

Published on : Aug 13, 2014

Tai Chi Ruler – Qi Gong is a wonderful practice that calms the nervous system, hormonal system and is a great tool for stress management. A meditative, passive practice of “working-in” to create balance, increase health and wellness and brings in energy to the body that may be deprived from lack of sleep, feeling stressed or run down. Enjoy!

Organic Meat? “No Bull…”
Published on : Sep 5, 2014

At Place of Chi, we’re passionate about food and being Holistic Lifestyle coaches, we help people get healthy & regain their vitality through optimal nutrition. We support local organic farmers and businesses and here, Cathy talks to Dave from Shiralee meats on the importance of Organic/Biodynamic produce, what the best cuts of meats are and what the difference is from conventional farms and supermarket meats. What’s on your plate and what are you putting into your system? Book yourself into Shiralee Meats butchery classes and be well informed!

Shoulder Rehabilitation success story
Published on : Sep 15, 2014

Are you in pain, seen numerous specialists and having no luck with solutions? Trying to avoid surgery at all costs or recovering from surgery and need a fantastic rehabilitation program so you can get back doing the things you love? Here, Martin Henry, editor of Ultrafit magazine, Hawkesbury Classic Competitor and all round sports guy had tells his story of his numerous shoulder surgeries and how he recovered with the best rehab program from Donal Carr, CHEK Practitioner and Rehab/Sports Conditioning specialist. If you want to heal, do the things you love or even if its how to look good, we at Place of Chi design the best programs for you individually.

Back Pain Causes and Symptoms
Published on : Jul 20, 2014

Donal Carr – consultant, lecturer, strength & rehab specialist and director of Place of Chi, shares what the common causes and symptoms of back pain are. Donal has helped hundreds get out of back pain through a series of postural, core and movement screening assessments, nutrition and lifestyle factors. Posture, How we move, how we breathe, poor training technique and exercise prescription, Emotional and Mental Stress, Inflammation and Organ Dysfunction all correlate to Back Pain. How to get out of back pain? Disc bulge? At Place of Chi, we can assess your spine and give you proper exercise prescription to help. Contact us for a free consultation so you too can be pain free!

Jake Stone & Donal Carr
Published on : Sep 20, 2014

Jake Stone – Professional Bodyboarder, talks to CHEK Practitioner and Director of Place of Chi, Donal Carr, about his back injury recovery program and some of the most important tools, assessment protocols, training methods and lifestyle factors that they had to address and work on. Consequently after 12 months Jake is now out of pain, stronger, competing and recently winning the Australian Title.

Why should we Cleanse and Detox?
Published on : Oct 1, 2014

Detoxing and Cleansing are essential for gut health. We follow and coach people through fungal and parasite cleansing to eliminate symptoms such as asthma, eczema, jock itch, athletes foot, dandruff, candida, intestinal worms, itchy skin, itching genitals, nail fungal infections, food cravings, bloating, weight that is difficult to shift. Cleansing gives the organs a chance to rest and recover. Cleansing increases your energy and vitality too! If you’ve never embarked on a cleanse or detox we highly recommend it, with the guidance of a practitioner that knows the correct protocols. Spring and Autumn are ideal times to cleanse.

Bhramari Pranayama
Published on : Oct 16, 2014

Bhramari Pranayama – a breathing practice to calm the nervous system with Cathy Carr

Greens Juice
Published on : Nov 2, 2014

Energy and Immune boosting juicing! Slow juicing for health! Here, Cathy Carr – Holistic Lifestyle Coach shares with us, how to juice, what to use for an energising and immune boosting refreshing drink and how we can get more nutrient dense foods into our system, just by slow pressed juicing! We recommend Hurom or Oscar juicers.
Great for getting more vegetables and fruits into our kids system too if you find they are fussy eaters and don’t take to eating veggies. Food is thy medicine!

Cathy coaches many women who are lacking in energy, vitality and who are also having trouble feeding their kids nutrient dense foods. For a free consultation, you can contact Cathy at Coaching can be done via Skype too!

Female Hormonal Health Community Talk
Published on : Sep 8, 2015

With most women presenting with hormonal imbalances these days, from painful menstrual cycles, inflammation, pain, injury, obesity, thyroid and adrenal imbalances, inability to fall pregnant, hot flashes, irritability, Donal Carr CHEK Faculty, talks in Place of Chi’s community talks. Here is a condensed video on what the major hormones are, how we create imbalances in our system, and some helpful tips on our to bring yourself into homeostasis – balance.

Looking for more information and how you can help your hormones, pain, symptoms, injuries with an alternative approach? Call or email us to book your free introductory consultation.