Semi Private and Group Training

Semi Private & Group training is very enjoyable, social and affordable!  

What’s the difference between Semi Private and Group Training?
Semi Private training is for 2-3 people in one session.  Group training is for 4 or more people in one session.  Our group sessions take no more than 12 people at one time.  This means that your technique can be viewed and monitored and progressive exercises can be coached where applicable.
At Place of Chi, we value our clients and will always give you a personalised approach.  We care about how you move and will certainly pay attention and address any injuries, pain or discomfort you may be experiencing at the time of your session.  We are corrective exercise specialists after all!  We will give you exercises that are suitable to your experience, your ability and for your function (what you do for work and/or leisure).
What do I receive in my Semi Private or Group Training Session?
45 – 60mins (pending on time slot) of various methods and training tools for stability, flexibility, cardiovascular & strength conditioning.  Many of our clients comment on how varied the workouts are, even if they’ve been attending for 7+yrs!  Training you for function is our focus.  We coach and train the movement, not just the muscle.  This means that we choose exercises and movements that will keep you functioning in your daily activity.  If you’re a mum for example, wanting to get toned and lose your baby fat, then we wont be training you like an olympic weightlifter!  This will only set you up for injury later on and the soreness you would experience may mean you won’t come back!  We take into consideration your goals, needs and how you feel coming into each session.   Ladies hormonal profile are very different to that of men, so training approaches have to be different.  That doesn’t mean you wont be worked and challenged though  😉 
How much do I invest into my Semi Private or Group Training?
We have various packages available.  Whether it be a 10 pack, 3/6/12mth pack or casual visits.
We offer a first time complimentary session for semi-private or groups so please contact us to come in and try before you buy!
Contact us:  E: Ph: 0410 761 813