The Studio

Place of CHI Studio is a private training facility with C.H.E.K trained professionals who run their business out of the facility.

Apart from private coaching with our C.H.E.K Practitioners and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches, we offer group training sessions which consist of strength training; ladies specific conditioning; back and core conditioning incorporating the primal movement patterns; interval circuit training; Chi 3 Strength Strap training and sports specific athletic conditioning.

Prior to attending any group session, as with a private consultation you will be required to have an assessment so we can understand your goals and lifestyle to implement an appropriate plan for you to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle that is manageable for you as an individual.  * Any condition or anomolie that is found that requires further evaluation will be recommended.  From this assessment, recommendations of suitable classes to participate in, if this is your intention, will be given.

The Chi room is where we hold Yoga classes for adults and children’s yoga workshops.  Meditation and “Chi” (life force) building classes are also held in the Chi room.

Place of CHI Studio is open for private consultations and group sessions by appointment only.

Bookings essential for all group classes.  For more information please call us.

Ph:  0410 761 813