Everyone needs a coach!

Every body needs a coach, even the coach! I have just had a visit to mine in Sydney over the weekend. I suffer a lot of headaches and last year had a lot of other red flags in terms of my health and wellness and found Donal and Cathy Carr. I fly to see Donal in Sydney, (yes he's that good) every co ... Read more

NBL Adelaide 36ers

Here's a nice shout out to from the guys of the 2018 Adelaide 36ers who I was fortunate to work with this year. It was a pleasure working with some of our country's (well.. Australia's - Im Irish) top Basketball athletes. Read Donal's blog and watch the youtube clip here:http://placeofchi.com/ ... Read more

Joint Pain – Gone!

Testimonial for Donal Carr: I had heard Donal speak about health at a few of his short information sessions at Place of CHI and became interested in what he could suggest for me. I am a 58 year old who has a passion for surfing and was looking to prolong that activity for as long as ... Read more

Scott Watkins – Wellness Coaching & Private Training

During the course of last year, I was experiencing off & on major cramping in my stomach with nausea & vomiting generally following, shortly after. I eventually tested positive to an aggressive parasite in my gut. My wife Jean suggested I should check out Place of Chi, after she had atten ... Read more

Christine Winwick – Private Training
Posted on : June 2016

Last year I was feeling ok, but not great…I had been managing adrenal fatigue symptoms (exhaustion, mental ups and downs, disturbed sleep, hormonal swings, digestive complaints…and the impacts these had on my lifestyle) for about 10 years, and had reached another plateau that seemed like an ok w ... Read more

Christine Winwick – ELDOA
Posted on : June 2016

"I came to Eldoa after hearing the passion shared by Cathy and Donal during their training – curious as to how the method could compliment my training regime and lifestyle (office work / avid beach walker, and gardener). Under Cathy’s dedicated teaching and hands-on guidance, post 3 sessions ... Read more

Lisa Sturt
Posted on : June 2015

From the moment I walked into Place of CHI and took my first yoga class with Cathy, I knew it was the right place for me. Cathy’s classes are graced with so much more than moving through a series of yoga poses. The knowledge Cathy brings from her work as a CHEK practitioner and her wisdom gained t ... Read more

Jake Stone – Professional Bodyboarder
Posted on : September 2014

An interview with Donal Carr and Jake Stone - Professional Bodyboarder. Donal writes “I am delighted to share with you that on 5th July 2014, Jake Stone won the ABA Pro Tour Championship at Mystics and has completed his first step in achieving his ultimate goal of becoming world champion. Not o ... Read more

Martin Henry. Editor, Ultra Fitness Magazine
Posted on : September 2014

“A year and a half ago a shoulder surgeon, who I consulted for a second opinion after four shoulder reconstructions in 18 months, told me that it was time to “sit in the RSL and play cards”. He was most emphatic about this, and indicated that at 50 years of age I needed to stop all my sports a ... Read more

Ken Druce, PGA Professional, Teaching Professional at Royal Sydney Golf Club, Tournament Player, CHEK Golf Biomechanic Specialist, TPI Certified, Personal Traine
Posted on : September 2014

"Since meeting Donal in June 2013, I have grown as an athlete and trainer. I believe he is one of the most knowledgeable, caring people in the fitness and health industry. His training programs have made an enormous physical impact and have positively changed the way I view training and lifestyle. I ... Read more

Matilda Coates, Professional Skier
Posted on : August 2014

"I've been wanting to write this testimonial for a while and whilst its been on my mind, it has been very hard to put on paper how thankful I am to Donal Carr and the Place of CHI team, for getting me back on track. Place Of CHI has made, what I thought seemed impossible - possible! At Just 17 year ... Read more

Michael Hanslip, Professional Cycling Coach
Posted on : August 2014

"Hi. My name is Michael and for about a decade I have been a cycle coach. You can find out more about me – on Facebook and Twitter I am CoachHanslip – and my website is michaelhanslip.com. But this message isn’t meant to be about me. I’m here to tell you a little about my coaching experience ... Read more

Kathryn Passalis, Cyclist
Posted on : August 2014

"I was teetering on the wrong side of a narrow side cut mountain bike trail. I drew in my core and rebalanced myself to an upright position and continued down the track. That is me today. My balance, strength and stability are attributed to the years of functional training I’ve undertaken with Don ... Read more

Helen Scott, Actor and Performing Artist
Posted on : 2013

"This is a testimonial for Cathy and Donal Carr: Whom I have been remedial training with for a year and a half, since a serious brain injury (Diffuse Axonal Injury), after a collision with a wallaby on my road bike and a month in hospital. Their remedial expertise and specific recovery exercises ha ... Read more

Uschi Howard, Owner Travel Authority Northern Beaches
Posted on : 2012

"I have worked with Cathy and her team for nearly 5 years now. From the once a week, total beginners class (after years of stress, work and no play) to 4 times a week and a totally reformed nutrition and lifestyle approach.I look and feel 10 years younger and made lots of new friends on the way. I ... Read more

Trent Singleton, Bulk Automotive Parts
Posted on : 2012

"I First contacted Donal at place of Chi in April 2012. My journey to find Place of CHI has been a long tough road. I am a 32-year-old male that on the surface looks healthy but my issues started late into my teens. After being a typical Aussie adolescent I played every sport under the sun and live ... Read more


Donal Carr is on the CHEK Faculty and currently teaches CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1, CHEK Exercise Coach and C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1. As a presenter, teacher and educator, here is what some of the students have said from attending Donals presentations through the amazing CHEK Program ... Read more

N. Florridia

“It’s easy to tell that Donal lives what he teaches. This course if full of great information. Life changing!” Read more

M. Grant

“Brilliant, best presenter I’ve seen – Knowledge is incredible!” Read more

C. Buchanan

“My experience – incredibly illuminating and also practical in its application. Donal Carr is a wealth of information and an inspiration as a fitness and health professional. Thank you Paul Chek and Place of CHI for sharing such important information. The world needs more of this!” Read more


“Donal is an excellent presenter that is clear. He doesn’t just teach Fitness, he lives and breathes Health and imparts that passion throughout the course.” Read more