Yoga (as it states in “Light on Pranayama” – BKS Iyenga – Rest his soul) teaches man to search for the divinity within himself with thoroughness and efficiency. He unravels himself from the eternal body to the self within. He proceeds from the body to the nerves and from the nerves to the senses. From the senses he enters the mind which controls emotion. From the mind he penetrates into the intellect which guides reason. From the intellect, his path leads to the will and then consciousness. The last stage is from consciousness to his self, his very being – Atma or Soul.

When it comes to group training, we have an eye for detail for correct movement patterns ensuring you are in a supportive and safe environment with educated and skilled coaches / practitioners.


Yoga means to bind, to unite or to join. It is the art which brings an incoherent and scattered mind to a reflective and coherent state. Yoga is a way of life – not just a form of movement as in many areas of the western world, today, portrays.

Through the yoga practice at Place of CHI, you will be taught how yoga can be implemented into your life as a way of living. We look at yoga as a daily, life practice rather than spending an hour or more once/twice a week with practicing asanas in large groups. Through a holistic approach we share with you the willingness to surrender and silence the mind so that we can “listen” to the signals that our body sends us which in turn, connects to our inner most.IMG_2003

When we silence the busyness of our thoughts we can truly have a deeper understanding of the bodies’ wisdom. Yoga is not to “exercise” or is not just for movement in strength, balance, flexibility and improving posture and muscle imbalances, it penetrates us at a deeper level through our organs and connective tissues, our energy centres (chakras) and meridian lines through asanas that act as antennas to our higher consciousness and cosmos.

YOGA Classes at Place of CHI: Consist of Asana practice, Breath (pranayama) & Meditation.

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From the moment I walked into Place of CHI and took my first yoga class with Cathy, I knew it was the right place for me. Cathy’s classes are graced with so much more than moving through a series of yoga poses. The knowledge Cathy brings from her work as a CHEK practitioner and her wisdom gained through experience provide for an holistic approach to her yoga classes. Poses are flexible to my individual needs and corrected by Cathy where necessary, to ensure that I am moving my body in the best possible way. This helps to avoid injury and build strength and stability where it is most needed. There is a sense of security that comes with Cathy’s comprehensive understanding of what constitutes optimal health and wellbeing. Cathy’s passion for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle is genuine, infectious and real as she leads by the example of her teachings. The restorative nature of Cathy’s classes allow me to work ‘in’ to counteract the breathing ‘out’ of daily life. The small class sizes make for a more personal experience and allow for a special kind of energy. Rather than focusing on glorifying each pose, Cathy encourages a personal ownership over the practice that is free from expectation, judgment and pain. This creates a space for me to fully surrender to the elementals and nurture my mind, body and soul in a way that is true to me. Yoga with Cathy has taught me a valuable lesson that my body is my best teacher. Cathy has guided me towards an ability to tune into the sensations in my body and hear the whispers beneath the noise. With every twist, turn, extension, hold and breath I am brought home to me. My connection with universal rhythm is nurtured as Cathy’s classes are authentically designed in congruence with the seasons, working on specific organs and elements. Each class is concluded beautifully with meditation, complete with the comfort of a blanket, bolster and lavender scented eye pillow to aid with that extra bit of relaxation. There is a level of peace, safety, letting go and release I experience that is unique to my yoga practice with Cathy. I have been able to connect with myself and my breath in a way I never knew possible and carry the many benefits of the practice into my daily life. Yoga with Cathy has been life giving and instrumental in my healing process – I have full confidence in entrusting her with the guidance of my mind, body and soul. Cathy’s energy, light and love is like no other and I feel blessed to be in her yoga space : )
Lisa Sturt – June 2015

Cathy Carr – Advanced Purna (Byron Yoga) Teacher; Traditional Ashtanga & Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 – Yoga Vidya Gurukhul Nasik, India & CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 3 and CHEK Exercise Coach. Cathy has 20 years of Group Fitness Instructing and taught Bodybalance for 9 years which incorporates pilates and yoga principles and movements. Cathy implements all the yogic teachings and Paul Chek’s philosophies of the 6 foundation principles of optimal health and wellness into her own practice and shares this in her classes. Classes generally cater for all levels as class groups are no larger than 10 per class ensuring that you receive individual attention.

Private Consultations – Cathy is available for private consultations for addressing and determining any imbalances in the body by assessments for the core, comparative range of movement test, postural analysis and length tension relationships. From these assessments, a corrective exercise program can be given to address any presentations (or refer out to a higher C.H.E.K Practitioner or other health care professional). The assessments are very helpful and useful in understanding what postures, movements are beneficial to your posture, stability and strength through your yoga practice. We will also address the physiological stressors on the body, determining what systems and pathways can be addressed by following the 6 foundation principles.

Kids Workshops – We hold classes for children in the school holidays. Age 5-8; 9-12; 13-17. Breathing techniques (Pranayama); Asana (Postures) & Meditation all taught according to the age group. Yoga for kids is heaps of fun – lots of yoga games and the teens classes encourage the youth to build confidence & self esteem – loving themselves and addressing the many other challenges that one can face during the developing adult years.

IMG_1605For more information or to reserve your place in one of the classes, please contact me on  or 0410 761 813


“Align with the Universe: I open to the Universal flow of energy moving freely through my body. Alignment with my purpose keeps me aligned with the Universe. Efforting is a consequence of resisting the Universal flow of energy; it is a clear signal that we are out of alignment”. Arnold M Patent Universal Principle 6